Jacqueline Leclair, 
Professor of Music at McGill 
Going to Setsuko for 8 months since moving

I feel so lucky to have found Setsuko
Massage! As well as being a McGill professor, I am a professional classical
music performer and staying in top shape is essential to my work. Jenni’s
massage and Shiatsu are incredibly good and greatly improve my well being. She
is the best massage therapist I have been to and I recommend her to all my
colleagues and friends.


Stefanie Dunn,
Champlain College in 
Saint Lambert
Been a client
here for 10 years

Jenni has the
skilled and intuitive hands of a true healer. Regular visits with her for over
a decade have kept me in great physical and emotional health! Her attention to
both esoteric and physical issues have always meant that Setsuko is my massage
“home”: both when it’s time to capitalize on strength as well as when
I need to lessen more burdensome transitions. I am a true believer in regular
shiatsu massages with Jenni and I am always happy to recommend her to family
and friends who are looking for ways to lead a healthier, more balanced

Sara Laimon
Associate Dean,
Academic and Student Affairs
Professor, Piano 
Schulich School of Music of McGill University

Have been coming on/off for 6 years (?) – actually not sure.  I always wonder why I don’t come more
frequently since I feel so much better after a visit.  I’ve recommended the Spa to many colleagues
as well as students, and given gift certificates; always a great response.  I adore Jenni’s Shiatsu massage, have had
pedicures that transform almost dysfunctional feet into feet that look pretty
good, and I always really appreciate the holistic advice offered.  Treatments are generous and with cautious attention
to problem regions.  The location is
ideal in that it is walkable from Vendome metro (or from my home in NDG).