How Craniosacral Therapy Boosts Your Immune System

How Craniosacral Therapy Boosts Your Immune System

Understanding Craniosacral Therapy

Now, if you've never heard of Craniosacral Therapy - or CST as it's commonly shortened to - don't worry, you're probably in the good company of another couple of billion people who would be just as puzzled. It's no surprise though; CST is a therapy you'll seldom see advertised alongside your typical massage or acupuncture options. It's a specialised field, a bit of a deep cut for therapy enthusiasts if you will but, boy oh boy, when you come to appreciate the benefits, you'll be setting calendar reminders for your next session.

CST is a type of bodywork that involves gentle manipulation of your head's bones (the cranium) and the lower part of your spine (the sacrum). The therapist uses light touch to test for restrictions in the craniosacral system, the area in and around these body parts. Inside this system, cerebrospinal fluid bathes and cushion the brain and spinal cord. Any impediment in the fluid's movement can lead to a plethora of health issues, including a compromised immune system.

This therapy originates from osteopathy, a type of alternative medicine that emphasises physical manipulation of muscle tissues and bones. My wife, Amelia, actually introduced me to it. She has always been the wellness and health enthusiast between us. I enjoy my video games, podcasts, and ample walks with our golden retriever, Max. Of course, when Bella, our tabby cat deigns to tag along, we count it an honour. But Amelia, she's into Tai Chi, herbal teas, and anything that promises holistic health. And I have to admit, most of her experimentations usually end up working out well, kind of like how CST did for me.

The Magical Connection Between Craniosacral Therapy and Your Immune System

At this point, you're probably wondering what a therapy that focuses on cranial bones has got to do with the immune system. One would expect that we're discussing a flu vaccine, a superfood or perhaps vigorous exercise. But that's where the beauty of CST lies. Many are yet to fully understand that the different systems in our bodies are interconnected. It's all a chain reaction; what affects one bit, affects the rest.

The immune system, in simplistic terms, consists of cells and proteins that serve as the body's defence mechanism against harmful viruses and bacteria. Now, these defence agents are produced in various parts of the body, including the lymph nodes and bone marrow. If there are restrictions in the craniosacral system, there may be implications on the production and operation of these agents, negatively impacting your immune system.

With Craniosacral Therapy, the restrictions are eased, raising the efficiency of the immune system by increasing the production of these defence agents. This is because CST operates with the understanding that the body has the inherent ability to mend itself. It aims at facilitating this process!

A Glimpse into a Craniosacral Therapy Session

Intrigued? Wondering how exactly it works? Here's a glimpse into my first Craniosacral Therapy session. I remember Amelia was the one who signed me up for it. Health can be tricky business, but like they say, "Health is wealth", and I think Amelia has always seen herself as my personal banker in this aspect.

I recall being simultaneously sceptical and curious as I walked into my first session. The session was very gentle, the therapist applied very light touches at specific points on my body. My only task was to relax, which doesn’t sound like a task at all, does it? But I’m a typical worry-wart, always have a stream of thoughts running through my mind, so it was a task alright.

Through these touches, the therapist was able to identify areas of restriction and subsequently, release the restrictions, resulting in a better flow of the cerebrospinal fluid. At the end of the session, I felt incredibly relaxed and rejuvenated. This had been a therapy that was unintrusive and gentle, but powerful in the benefits it granted.

Welcoming CST into Your Life: On a Journey to Better Immunity

After my experience with CST, I believe it's an underappreciated gem that deserves more attention in the wellness spectrum. Not only has it brought upon relaxation and peace, but it has also helped boost my immune system. I have observed that there's been a considerable reduction in my seasonal allergies and common colds after starting my CST sessions. Amelia even thinks I have more energy for our walks with Max and Bella, so there's a bonus!

Is it a miracle cure? No. A silver bullet? Certainly not. But it does nurture the body's innate healing capabilities to do what they do best. I encourage you to explore this therapy and experience its benefits, especially if you, like me, are enthusiastic to maintain optimal health and strengthen your immune system. But as I echo Amelia’s favourite words of wisdom, "Always consult with your healthcare provider", make sure to do your homework before signing up for any therapy.

So, here's to boosting our immune systems, one craniosacral touch at a time!

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